10 Things Dogs Love

Behold the top 10 things dogs love. With these simple tips, your best friend will be forever grateful!


There’s nothing your dog loves more than a good belly rub or a butt scratch! You know that look when they press up against you or roll onto their back means that they want your affection.




Believe it or not, dogs can be affected by music just like humans. When you want your pup to relax, try turning on some calm and soothing music to mellow out their mood.



3. When You're Happy

Dogs are highly intuitive creatures. Scientific studies show that dogs can distinguish happy vs. angry faces. A happy owner makes a happy pup!




4. Your Smell

A dog’s sense of smell is much more developed than a humans. And just like us, dogs are able to associate smells with people and places*. Next time you need to leave your pooch, give him a worn piece of your clothing to comfort him while you’re gone.



5. Making Their Bed

Ever wonder why your dog spins in circles before lying down? That’s because he’s marking his territory by leaving his scent. This makes his bed that much more comfy and cozy. We’ve got the perfect natural and organic pet beds to give your best friend the best night’s sleep possible!




6. Interactive Toys

When it comes to toys, dogs are easy to please. But why not give your furry-friend the best ones for them (and keep them from chewing on your favourite pair of shoes)? An interactive toy will provide some mental stimulation and your pup will be pleased.



7. Being Out and About

Nobody likes being cooped up in a house all day long, including your dog. Next time you need to step out to the store, bring your canine friend along. It will be much appreciated!




8. Being Cared For

One of the easiest ways to show your dog that you love them is by taking care of them. This is as simple as giving them nutritious food and keeping their coat healthy by grooming them when needed.




9. Positive Reinforcement

If you’re trying to train your dog, you should avoid punishing them for bad behaviour and instead praise them for good behaviour. You can do this by giving your dog a treat or showing your appreciation verbally.




10. Going for a Walk

Physical exercise is important for both human and canine health. A walk is a perfect time to bond with your pooch, let them explore the environment and get some exercise in too.




 That sums up the top 10 things dogs love! With these simple tips, you'll strengthen the bond between you and your doggo in no time!