Our Story

Since our story started in July 2019, we’ve been determined in making a positive impact in the pet community. We aim to accomplish this by creating every product with the highest quality natural materials, ethical and environmental standards. You can count our team with one hand, and we’re proud of it. As pet owners from an early age, we’ve cherished and build bonds with many pets that have become family. Decades later, we still have four legged friends in our home. We understand the special bond between pet and pet-parent, which is why pet and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. As a result, we vow to only provide natural products that we give to our own pets.

By continuously providing natural, affordable and durable pet products, we’re aiming to become the most trusted brand for pets worldwide. Our innovative, orthopedic and natural pet products feature organic cotton, natural virgin wool, natural coconut coir fiber and natural Dunlop latex. Animal welfare and environmental responsibility is at the core of our hearts and we will continue to offer natural pet products that respect people, pets and the planet.

NaturoPet Dog Bed - Natural Orthopedic Coco-Latex

 Our Promise

We promise to always provide natural products that enrich pet’s lives. We vow to stay true to the environment by using materials that promote sustainability. We’ve realized it’s more important than ever to provide natural pet products, as the industry is filled with products that contain toxins and synthetic materials. As we continue to grow and expand our product offerings, we will always focus on protecting both our pets and the environment.


Natural Orthopedic Dog Bed - Organic Cotton & Natural Virgin Wool


 For Pet Lovers, By Pet Lovers

As pet owners that want the best for all pets, we personally design and inspect every item we carry! We only provide products that we give to our own four-legged friends, that offer the best mix of quality, natural resources & value. Customer & pet satisfaction will always remain our first priority. At NaturoPet, our success is determined by the happiness of the pets and people we serve.   

NaturoPet Cat Dog Bed - Natural Orthopedic Pet Mattress

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