5 Reasons To Adopt A Pet

By now, you have probably already heard of the movement “Adopt, Don’t Shop” across media channels and social platforms. However, what exactly is the meaning behind this campaign? If you wish to extend your family, why should you consider adopting a pet, as opposed to buying one from pet shops or breeders?


1. The Horror Behind Puppy Mills

When looking for a furry addition to our family, the first thing that usually comes to mind is to drive to the nearest pet store or contact a specific breeder. Yet, we never stop to think about where pet shops acquire their animals or the welfare conditions behind a “reputable” seller.

Unfortunately, most of the times these pets come from puppy mills, which are dog breeding facilities that are 100% profit-driven and only see these animals as mere products. With that in mind, it is obvious that their only objective is to breed as much and as fast as possible, leaving aside any care for their living conditions. Sadly, these dogs have no medical care and once they are no longer capable of breeding anymore, they are simply abandoned or even put down.



2. Shelters In Numbers

According to the ASPCA, an estimate of 6.5 million animals are admitted into shelters and around 1.5 million of shelter cats and dogs are euthanized yearly just in the US. This shocking fact is due to the lack of interest in adopting pets that are looking for a forever home.

Consequently, more and more animals arrive at shelters, driving most of them past their space and funding capacity. When adopting a rescue animal, you will be also opening space for another cat or dog in need!



3. Given A Second Chance

Unfortunately, most homeless cats and dogs who are waiting for a new family have had a difficult and sad past. The vast majority of these animals were previously saved from an abusive home, puppy mills, testing laboratories or even abandoned on the streets.

Most shelters and rescue homes will always tell potential new owners about the story behind every animal’s past and by adopting one, you will help them overcome their difficult story and finally give them the family and home that they deserve! It is often seen that rescue pets are usually more loving and affection towards their new family, showing their gratitude for being given a second chance.



4. Less Training Required

Training a new pet to do their necessities in the correct spot, how to properly socialize with other pets or humans and different tricks demand a lot of time and patience, especially when dealing with a puppy or kitten.

However, even though homeless pets come in all sorts of breeds, sizes and ages, most of them have already been trained by their first owner or the shelter staff. That will save you the lengthy training days and/or money when hiring a trainer.



5. Your Wallet Will Thank You

We all know that owning a pet is not cheap. However, what if we told you that by adopting an animal can cut down a lot of costs? To start off, adoption fees are way less pricey, averaging from around $50 - $250, opposed to buying fees that are in the couple of thousands. Sometimes, shelters even promote free-adoption days or if you happen to rescue an animal in need, there are obviously no adoption or buying fees!

In addition, your medical bills will be much cheaper. Most rescue or shelter pets have already been vaccinated and had their first vet-visits, neutering and wellness exams made by their previous owners or specially by the rescue homes! That means that you will be saving thousands of extra bucks that you would need to expend when buying a puppy or kitten off shops or sellers.



When choosing to adopt or rescue a pet, not only you will be giving a loving animal a second chance to be loved and find their forever home, but you will be also fighting against puppy mills and the horrible market behind it. Therefore, next time you and your family consider bringing a new furry friend home, adopt one, don’t shop!