How To Be An Environmentally-Conscious Consumer

In a world of fast-fashion and profit-driven companies, we have witnessed the negative impacts of big corporations in the environment. Even though we are surrounded by environmentally unfriendly products and services, opting for greener and non-polluting alternatives is not that difficult and costly.


As years went by, the rise of fast-fashion has taken the world while our environment is the one suffering the consequences. Living in a fast-digital age, considering eco-friendly options before the cheapest and fastest products is nearly impossible. From water pollution to an increased carbon footprint, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the damage dimension that big corporations have caused in our environment.




We might not even know, but a simple action just like separating your recyclable garbage from compostable will do an enormous impact in the long run. It is all about small steps and team-effort. With that in mind, we have broken down some steps to follow in order to be a better eco-friendly consumer. 


1. Reduce Meat Consumption

Meat and dairy combined are responsible for the greater part of greenhouse gas emissions. The levels of pollution start at farming stages until the packaged meat is delivered to your nearest grocery store. In addition, while it takes about 10910 litres of water to produce 0.5kg of meat, we would only waste 114 litres of water to manufacture 0.5kg of wheat1. Although some people opt for changing their diet drastically, by merely reducing your meat intake and choosing more plant-based options it will already have a significant impact in the environment.




2. Unplug Electronics

A simple task as unplugging your TV, toaster, phone chargers and any home electronics or appliances that you might have in your house can easily turn into a night routine and it has an immense positive impact on Earth. According to the Department of Energy, around 10% of electricity usage is due to phantom energy. With that in mind, whenever we’re conscious about our energy usage, we are also reducing carbon emissions and other harmful greenhouse gases. Most importantly, we cannot forget the fact that your bills will plummet afterwards. It is a win-win for us and the environment!



3. "Slow Fashion"

As attractive as it is to shop the latest fashion trends right off the runway at extremely low prices, the environmental cost behind fast fashion is high. In order to manufacture one basic t-shirt, it takes at least 3,000 litres of water2. To put this into a better perspective, this is just one stage out of many when manufacturing one single clothing item.

With so many fast-fashion companies surrounding us, how can we make an eco-friendlier choice? By shopping at “slow fashion” businesses, you will be supporting businesses that cares for the environment, people and animals! Thrift shops are a good alternative, however if you do not have time to “hunt” for items, second-hand seller apps like Poshmark and DePop are a great alternative. We cannot forget to mention brands such as Adidas who are implementing lines of recyclable-made items.


4. Avoid Plastic

Plastic is known to be one of the most harmful elements to the environment. That is due to the fact that it takes 450 years to decompose. With that in mind, where does all of our plastic waste goes? It ends up right in our oceans, affecting our marine wildlife immensely. A minimum of 8 million tons of plastic is disposed in the ocean yearly3, causing many deaths of animals due to the ingestion or entanglement of the debris. How can we make a difference, though? It is simpler than what you think; by simply saying no to plastics straws, single use plastic bags and water bottles and replacing them for metal straws, reusable grocery bags and water bottles, you will be doing your part when it comes to saving the turtles!




5. Recycle & Compost

Lastly but not least, we should always be conscious when it comes to our waste. By separating our compost from our garbage and recycling will avoid food waste ending up in landfills, which is an awfully toxic space for the environment due to the high levels of methane emissions and greenhouse gases. For a broader perspective, methane is 21x more potent than carbon dioxide.4

So do not forget about separating your garbage next time and you can rest assured that you played your part for a better future!




At NaturoPet, we take pride in being a sustainable pet brand that focuses on your pet’s wellbeing. Our naturally-sourced and American-based products highlight the environmental responsibility that we carry. Come join us and let’s all work together for a greener planet!