How To Keep Your Dogs Entertained At Home

With "normality" slowly returning and more people returning to offices from remote jobs, pet owners are learning that it's finally okay to leave their best friends at home without feeling guilty. There are many potential challenges associated with leaving your pet at home alone after being together for a long time, from furniture destruction to anxiety. For that reason, NaturoPet compiled a list of tips on how to keep your pets busy while relieving boredom and loneliness!



1. Turn On The TV

While we all know that most pets don't watch or pay attention to the television, creating some sort of background noise at a higher volume can help keep your dog entertained. The majority of sources recommend opening an animal-themed channel to keep them entertained with the diverse sounds of animals. In addition, it could be comforting to your dog once it makes them feel less lonely in the house while everyone is away. 


2. Gift Them With Interactive Toys

A dog's obsession with food-stuffed shallow toys and chewing bones are undeniable. In addition to stimulating your dog's mind, they are also a good alternative to regular pet toys that can easily bore him. Toys such as these are particularly useful once they support different fillings, such as dried or wet dog food or smashed fruits and vegetables. Nevertheless, you should always make sure to select the right size toy for your pet to prevent it from choking. Depending on the dog, this activity can last anywhere from five to 35 minutes, which makes it a good distraction while you're away. 



3. Exercise Your Dog Before Work

The importance of physical exercise for your dog cannot be overstated. Due to their high energy levels, dogs need to burn off excess energy daily. Walking and playing with your pet around three times a day is the best way to do so. By walking your dog for 10 minutes or allowing it to have its daily zoomies before leaving to work, not only you’ll be relieving your pet’s stress, but also guaranteeing that they’ll calm down and be ready for a long nap while you’re away. 


4. Watch Out For Windows 

According to your pet's behavior, you might want to consider this tip. If you own an anxious and excited dog, leaving your windows uncovered might be a major trigger for him. The mailman, your neighbor and squirrels are just a few examples of daily triggers that can make your pet even more anxious while waiting for you to return home. Alternatively, if your dog is more relaxed, you might want to leave your windows open! Ensure that you designate a spot where your dog can relax while admiring the scenery. 



5. Get Another Furry Friend

While this may not be the simplest and cheapest option, gifting your pet (and yourself!) a furry sibling will allow them to have some company while keeping them distracted and less lonely. Despite this being a big commitment, you will ensure your pet is socializing daily and staying away from destructive behavior. 



6. Invest In A Comfy Bed

Dogs are big snoozers and will spend most of their days sleeping. So why not make sure that they have a cozy and high-quality bed to nap while waiting for us to return home from work? NaturoPet provides luxurious comfort with our natural beds made with the perfect combination of natural wool and organic cotton, guaranteeing an unmatched sleep environment for your pet.



We hope that after reading this, you will know what steps to follow when returning to the office with your pet left behind at home!