Importance of a Natural Orthopedic Pet Bed

There is no better way to protect our health than by consistently getting eight hours of quality sleep. Unsurprisingly, the same notion rings true for our pets. Canine and feline sleep is critical to their physical and mental wellbeing, as rest aids in brain development, learning capacity, behaviour and immune system. 



 You love your furry best friend and only want the best for them. Research determined that 1/5 of all dogs will suffer from some form of arthritis during their lifetime. Sadly, research also shows that 4/5 dos over the age of 8 suffer from some kind of joint pain. Here we take a look at the key role a natural orthopedic pet bed that is also free of chemical-free plays for your beloved pup or kitty’s health and happiness. 


Our mission is to provide every pet a natural and supportive sleep environment. This starts with quality pet bed. Especially in their older years, an orthopedic bed can help prevent them from suffering from arthritis and other joint discomforts. While all dogs regardless of breed or age can be affected by joint problems, larger dogs are more likely to develop these ailments due to the wear and tear on their joints over the years. Breeds that have been reported to be more prone to joint conditions include Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, Saint Bernards, Samoyeds, Mastiffs, Alaskan Malamutes, German Shepards, Great Danes, Boxers, and Labradors.

It’s important to note that just like humans, every pet is unique and responds to pain or discount differently. For instance, some dogs bark or limp to show you their discomfort, while some dogs instinctively hide their pain even if they have severe conditions. Once more, just like humans, a natural diet and routine exercise are critical to ensure good health for your best friend. Below are the most common signs our pet is suffering from joint pain:  

  • Swollen and/or tender joints, stiffness in mobility or an audible popping sound 
  • Getting up slowly, limping, favouring on leg or walking cautiously or with care 
  • Sleeping more often/longer than usual, whimpering or behavior changes  


  • Natural & Durable Materials: Natural and non toxic materials that are responsibly sourced are the most important factor when choosing a quality bed. Not only will your pet absolutely love and appreciate natural materials, they won’t have any negative health consequences for your pet, home and family. Meanwhile, durable materials ensure the bed all keep its shape and not flatten as time goes by. 
  • Supportive Comfort: Nature’s trip of durable natural coconut fibre, natural latex & natural virgin wool in our Coco-Latex bed makes it virtually indestructible $ constantly reflexive, relieving your pet’s pressure-points. Our beds also softly cushion your pet’s body to provide therapeutic relief for arthritis pain, muscle stiffness, hip dysplasia and other common issues seen in aging pets. 
  • Material Safety: We take pride in the quality and safety of our natural pet products. Our pet products are made with certified organic natural materials to ensure they are safe for your pet and the planet. Our premium quality certified materials ensure there is no formaldehyde, lead, arsenic, chlorine and other harmful substances shocking found in nearly all the pet beds. 
  • Crafted With Care: Doing your due diligence to research the company you are buying a product for yourself, family and pets is an important, but often forgot step to ensure you choose the best products possible. Look for companies that transparently disclosing the materials of their products, the manufacturing location and that have good reputation. 



    Every single pet owner wants to provide their dog or cat with the best products available. When we say “best,”we mean pet products that are made in the USA with safe, natural, durable and beneficial ingredients or materials. Incredibly, even though our furry friends spend a large portion of their life sleeping, pet owners spend more on toys, carriers/cages, treats/food and grooming than beds. NaturoPet’s mission is to spend awareness of countless benefits of choosing a quality pet bed.

    Common pet beds include: Foam/Memory Foam 

    Polyester filled beds provided absolutely zero support for your pet. These types of beds will flatten out as soon as you pet rests. Also, these beds are full of air instead of cushioning and are renown for ripping, clumping and other durability issues. 

    Memory Foam/Foam pet beds have numerous concerns as well. Firstly, the high majority of all memory foam or foam pet beds are made in China with low-quality materials. Moreover, the fin single layer most foam beds use will quickly flatten out and offer zero pressure point relief for your pet. 

     Crib Mattresses have also been reportedly used for pet beds. Although they often have higher quality materials, crib mattresses are intended for babies and are only suited to support 15-30 lbs of weight. They are also stiff and uncomfortable, offering very little orthopedic support to larger pets. 

    Providing happiness to the pets and people we serve with the utmost transparency and social responsibility is our driving force. We are committed to using responsibly sourced eco-friendly material to create American made non-toxic pet products. 


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