The Benefits of Eco Wool

Your furry friend deserves nothing but the best. You may know that our top-rated natural pet bed is made with local eco wool, but do you know the benefits of this wonderful natural resource?



NaturoPet proudly sources and handcrafts its pet beds in the United States. Our bed is among the highest-quality bed available today for our pets. We guarantee that our 100% natural wool is ethically sourced and our beds are handcrafted in a facility dedicated to wool, which utilizes an antique carding mill system to produce the fluffiest and softest blends. 

Our mission is to make a difference through sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives. This is why we carefully select our wool supplier to ensure that the entire manufacturing process, from farming to final product, adheres to the highest standards. Through the sourcing of our materials in an ethical manner, we also support small farmers and ranchers.



At NaturoPet, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality at all times in the fiber-crafting process. Additionally, we take special care in the farming process, as we ensure that the farms use best practices while focusing on keeping the sheep healthy and happy.

After ranchers have completed the three-year GOTS standard in order to become certified, they allow their sheep to freely graze outdoors all year long. They have no use of pesticides or herbicides on their land, since it comprises a substantial portion of their diet The practices offered by holistic veterinarians also prevent future diseases by keeping synthetic hormones away from these animals. Once the shearing season arrives, skilled professionals are able to remove the wool, causing the sheep the least amount of stress possible.




Unfortunately, in the wool industry, the majority of fiber suppliers practice less sustainable methods throughout their manufacturing process that you should be on the lookout for:

  • Bleaching: Most companies often bleach and chemically dye their fibers to produce the different colors or the “purest white”. Our eco wool maintains its natural color.
  • Mulesing: This inhumane practice consists of the cutting of skin patches to prevent fly infestations or skin infections on the sheep.
  • Carbonizing: Wool fibers are dipped in strong acid to remove residues. We guarantee that biodegradable solution is used instead for this process.
  • Chemical Crimping: Carbonizing can result in the straightening of the fibers. In order to achieve a more natural texture, manufacturers may apply a chemical “perm” to the wool.




At NaturoPet, we require that our suppliers are certified by multiple organizations that guarantee that our wool is chemical-free, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. Among the organizations we count on for testing and certification are:

  • Elements Material Technology: Our wool is also quality-assured and deemed safe for both humans and animals, as required by law.
  • UC Davis Toxicology Lab (California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory): Our wool is regularly tested for heavy metals and chemicals by taking small fiber samples.



With this in mind, you're now aware of the processes behind our eco wool and how it differs from regular wool. At NaturoPet, we make sustainability simple. Shop our natural, affordable and worry-free pet products today!