The Sleep Benefits of Natural Virgin Wool

Wool has accompanied mankind through history, dating back to a wool carpet from 500 BC, which is still on display in the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg. Did you know that wool is often referred to as "God's gift" for its unique properties and comfort performance!


Natural Virgin Wool


1. Multi-Climate - Wool is active, whereas synthetic materials are passive. Wool actively responds to fluctuations in body temperature to offer warmth when it is cold. Similarly, natural wool will self-adjust when temperature increases by releasing heat and moisture to maintain a comfortable sleep environment

2. Breathable - Wool has the natural ability to breathe and can absorb up to 35% of its own weight in moisture due to its hydrophilic core. The moisture absorption of wool ranks it the best among natural fibers.

3. Active Perspiration Control - Wool is more effective than synthetics at absorbing perspiration caused by exertion. The natural absorption of wool moves moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporate, ensuring coolness and dryness.


1. No VOCs - VOCs are organic chemicals which vaporize and enter the atmosphere as an air pollutant. Wool is a natural product and emits no VOCs. Plus, natural virgin wool can also absorb a number of VOCs from surrounding materials and lock them permanently within the fibre core.

2. Hypoallergenic - Natural Virgin Wool does not harbor dangerous chemicals, dust or mold that can lead to allergic or other reactions. The absence of moisture in wool's fiber prevents the growth of bacteria and mildew.

3. Odor Reduction - Wool will absorb moisture, reducing sweat on the body. Thus, the amount of body odor caused by sweat and bacteria on the skin are both reduced. 


1. Non-Flammable - Wool simply requires more oxygen to burn that is available in the air, making it a superior fiber for fire safety. Since wool contains moisture in every fiber, when touched by a flame, wool chars and does not support combustion.

2. Durable - Wool fibers can be bent 20,000 times without breaking, compared to approximately 3,000 times for cotton and 2,000 times for silk. This explains why wool garments are so long-lasting. Also, the gel-like behavior of wool fiber provides a unique comfortable feeling.

 3. Stain-Resistant - Wool fiber has a protective layer that prevents stains from being absorbed. As it is also anti-static, it picks up less dust and lint in the air.


That sums up the astounding sleep benefits of natural virgin wool. Your furry friend spends a lot of time sleeping, therefore it's only right to invest in a natural, durable and affordable pet bed that betters their sleep quality and health of everyone in your home!




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