Top 5 Reasons To Buy Made In The USA

Made In USA is more than just a label, it represents the future of American businesses. Buying American-made pet products is more important than ever, with an increasing amount of pet products being sourced from countries like China, Mexico and India, which have quality and labour standards that differ from those in United States. Here’s 5 major reasons you should purchase American-made pet products! 

1. Quality

A high quality standard comes with the “MADE IN USA” tag. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of quality for imported pet products. With American-made pet products, you can expect quality, durability and longevity. Our products are hand-crafted with care in the United States, because we thrive to provide superior quality pet products that will last. Our pet beds also contain natural materials like organic cotton and natural virgin wool that are sourced in the USA.

2. Better For The Environment

Another bonus of pet products that are made in USA is they are less polluting than their foreign counterparts. Our pet beds are handcrafted with sustainable natural materials, because we aim to provide environmentally responsible products. Pet products that are made outside of the United States have a higher carbon footprint than those made within the country. This means they emit more carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels because of their transportation journey to the US. Many pet products are made in China, and that leaves a huge carbon footprint. Also, many foreign countries that produce pet supplies do not have sufficient (if any) environmental regulations.

3. Jobs

One of the most important reasons to buy American-made pet products is to help save and create jobs in the United States. A 2015 report from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) claims the U.S. lost a total of 5.7 million manufacturing jobs between 1998 and 2013. This was mostly due to the takeover by foreign nations such as China, Mexico and other places with low wages. Buying products that are made in the USA helps secure jobs for future generations. This is possible when you purchase American-Made products, since the funds will get put back into the manufacturing of American-Made goods. 

4. Human Rights & Labour Laws

Federal and local governments can control the manufacturing of pet products made in the USA, but not abroad. For example, the U.S. government can make sure that  safe working conditions, minimum wages, worker health etc. meet the standards of United States Labor Laws. Unfortunately, many imported pet products are manufactured in sweatshops in third-world countries. Purchasing products created in this type of environment helps sustain the use of sweatshops and the mistreatment of foreign labourers. 

5. Economic Growth

The resurgence of manufacturing creates growing investment opportunities. Buying Made in USA pet products not only helps American citizens who work to produce these goods, it helps the American economy as a whole.



Sure, the price can be slightly higher for American-made pet products, but with this comes unparalleled quality, economic benefits, smaller carbon footprints, job support and more.  You can ensure that you are helping fellow Americans by looking for the “Made in USA” label on products.