Why Choose A Natural Pet Bed

Choosing a product for your pet is just as important as choosing a product for a child or a loved one. We noticed the materials used in conventional pet beds are shocking. Keep reading to learn about the numerous health & comfort benefits of a natural pet bed!


At NaturoPet, we believe in keeping your home as safe and healthy as possible. This is why we came out with a line of natural pet beds handcrafted in the USA! In conventional pet beds, there are a number of harmful chemicals that can be present, such as flame-retardants, hormone disrupting substances, VOCs, pesticide residues and more.

Not All Pet Beds Are Created Equal

Even worse, these toxic chemicals can be pollute the air and adhere to dust particles once they enter your home. Materials like plush, memory foam and polyurethane foam which are present in many pet beds are a very non-green choice due to their dependance on petrochemicals, flame retardants and other unhealthy substances.

Additionally, petrochemicals have been linked to acute and chronic health diseases such as ulcer, allergy, cancer, and liver and kidney problems in living beings.[1] At NaturoPet, we carefully create our pet products with natural, safe and durable materials that promote sustainability and won’t harm our beloved pets or planet.



Scientific Data 

During a study at Indiana University in 2011, scientists found that that chemical flame retardants in dog’s blood showed concentrations five to ten times higher than in humans.[2] In cats, the concentration levels were 20 to 100 times higher than those found in humans.[3]

Another study found that the emissions of different mattresses caused various combinations of upper-airways irritation, lower-airways irritation (pulmonary irritation), and decreases in mid-expiratory airflow velocity in mice[4]. Also, exposure to toxic chemicals can therefore cause both short-term and long-term effects on the body.

Our furry friends are even more sensitive to harmful compounds, so it’s important to shop for a bed that does not contain these materials. Unfortunately, when your pet relaxes for sleep time on a chemical treated surface such as your floor or pet beds with synthetic materials, they are exposing their sensitive coat to toxins and chemical cleaners.


This can disrupt the natural balance of micro-organisms needed for healthier skin and immune system. We only use natural materials in our pet beds, so your family and your beloved pets can live in a healthy environment.


Natural. Affordable. Handcrafted in the USA. Treat your furry friend to the ultimate relaxation with NaturoPet's pet beds!

100% Virgin Wool Indoor Natural Pet Bed 




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